Web Covers

AgriWeb Cover fits onto most root crop harvesting equipment, working over the second web it reduces damage caused to the crop.

Will Fit onto existing Harvesters without need for modification

Reduced risk of bruising or skin damage to the crop.

Driven by existing web running below it.

Easy to attach and remove.

Soft Flexible Rubber - made from wear resistant pre tensioned rubber belting which is kind to the crop, causes less damage in the initial stages of separation.

Little or No Damage / Maintenance - Web Covers are very difficult to damage therefore maintenance is minimal.

Dry Conditions - proven to give maximum benefit in dry conditions, crop escapes damage when moving onto the web cover.

Tailor Made - Each web cover is tailor made to individual machine specifications, slots are made to reflect the size and shape of the gap in the existing web but can be made in any size or shape to suit specific crops.


What people have said about our web covers

Anything that reduces damage when there is no soil cushion has to be great news for growers and customers alike…”

Alex Mathias, Standen Reflex.

“This is a real hit!” Potato Farmer, Scoltand.


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