Soft Rubber Screens

Our rubber screens are designed for both use on revolving and flat screen gardening machinery.

They are suitable for grading many types of fresh produce including potatoes, onions and flower bulbs.

Our Rubber screens have significant advantages over traditional wire and plastic screens

Soft Flexible Rubber: Made from wear resistant conveyor belting

Simple Hook on Fastener: Made from spring steel which is easy to use , slipping in quickly and reducing downtime.

Contoured Apertures: Reduce Damage to the crop, stones tend not to stick therefore screen damage is minimal.

Highly Accurate: Screens do not stretch, therefore a high level of accuracy is guaranteed.

Lightweight: Lighter than conventional screens, they are easier to change, reducing risk of injury to employees.

Wear Resistant Reinforced Rubber: Lasts as many times longer as conventional screens.

Uniform Length: Screens for each machine are the same size regardless of aperture size, tension, adjustments are not required during changeover and downtime is reduced.

Little or No Damage: Screens are very difficult to damage therefore maintenance in minimal

Silent Running: Reduced Noise Levels.

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